Sarah Beacham
Sarah Beacham
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Sarah Beacham

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About Me

I use an integrative and systemic approach to meet each client where they are based upon their needs, goals and unique personalities. I recognize the body-mind-spirit connection and seek to foster a safe space for emotional expression and experiential change for a more integrated internal experience. As a systems thinker, I am less inclined to focus on pathology and more interested in relational dynamics, both within oneself and with significant others. This is not intended to minimize the impact of symptoms, but rather to empower individuals in their own agency towards the healing that they desire.‚Äč

As a relationally-oriented therapist (and human), I understand the importance of felt-safety for this intimate work. It is my desire to join with each client where they are on their own unique journey and to offer a warm and accepting space to engage their own story with compassion and honesty. When we experience challenges or trauma in childhood or adulthood, we create patterns of living that are intended to keep us "safe" but do not allow true expression, freedom or joy. This can leave us feeling fragmented internally ("a part of me feels this way, another feels that way") and maybe even imbalanced as we work to outrun or control our pain from the past. I have found that when there are unhealed wounds, they will find any open space to emerge in hopes for acknowledgement and healing. There is a beautiful grace to be found in this process. As we are able explore these parts together with compassion, healing and integration take place so that you can thrive and engage in life with curiosity, true strength and joy.

It is my belief that all people have deep, healing resources within themselves. When the right conditions are set, healing and growth happen. I bring a commitment to help you live with a growing sense of hope, peace, and compassionate grace as you move towards living from your authentic self. I'm ready if you are!

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