Joshua Zello
Joshua Zello
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Joshua Zello

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About Me

I could start by talking about my accolades and modalities, but I‘ll spare you the shop talk. Your story is too big to fit inside the frames holding my credentials. You can find them elsewhere on the site.

What you need to know is I am devoted to making acceptance and growth a part of your story.

I don’t have a counselor hat I put on and take off, or some sort of switch I flip when I’m with clients. When I entered mental health twelve years ago, it felt like stepping into myself.

I suppose this explains why I feel so comfortable with my client’s anxiety, suffering, joy, grief, questionings, and breakthroughs. These experiences make up what it means to be human, and ultimately what it means to be me.

You’ll often hear me say “You are a community of YOUs. The 2-year-old you, 15-year-old you, 35-year-old you, 50-year-old you, you 8 months ago, you 3 days ago… they are all you. Right here. Sitting on that couch.”

Together, our ultimate goal is to let you have your rightful place of peace in the present – and let that be a platform of collective wisdom for the YOUs to come.

Shifting your story to this path starts to change the way you see the past, the world around you, your future, and ultimately, yourself.

I learn from those who paved the way before me, my experiences, my research colleagues, and most importantly - from my clients. We look at your story to understand. Counseling is an experience where you get to safely experiment by honestly examining areas of your life that cause a disturbance. Together we work through thoughts, challenging emotions, encouragement, resources, insights, goal planning, problem-solving, and relationships.

It is my conviction that no one should have to navigate their story alone. In fact, that’s a step in the wrong direction for most of us. At some point, we all need guidance… and that guiding role is what I am here for.

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