Sabrina Fish
Sabrina Fish
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Sabrina Fish

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About Me

When the hard times hit, do they hit you hard? Do the good times feel fleeting? Whether you are a teenager, young adult, or adult - the ups and downs of life can be terrifying and confusing to navigate. Maybe your teenager is feeling alone at school, struggling from the pressure of getting "good" grades, and driving you crazy. Maybe you're worried about your child who appears overwhelmed, isolated, or sad. Life doesn't have to continue this way. I can help you sort through the noise, understand the root cause, and get on a path toward more of those good times.

Maybe you recently graduated and now...what's next? Maybe you're adjusting to a new job or want to change careers. School didn’t prepare you for all of this adulting, did it? Balancing work, friends, love, dreams – you’re expected to do it all but you feel like you're barely staying above water in some areas of your life. I've been there. I can help you.

You don't have to navigate all of this alone. I specialize in helping girls and women step into their power. It is common for everyone to struggle with self-confidence. Together, we'll explore these topics amongst others to guide you in building a life that you enjoy.

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