Saba Kerendian
Saba Kerendian
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Saba Kerendian

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About Me

Do you feel like you have a hard time controlling your emotions? Do you have trouble expressing yourself or reacting destructively? If your emotions are getting in the way of your relationships, school, career, or overall life satisfaction, you might be thinking it’s time to do something about it. Think of your feelings like helpful messengers that can give you information about your needs and your values. They can provide you with the guidance towards a more meaningful and satisfying life if you learn to understand them.

I am passionate about helping you understand and manage your thoughts and emotions so they don’t control you anymore. If you are struggling with anxiety, codependency, or low self esteem and feel hopeless for change, I am here to help you embrace your strengths and utilize self compassion to guide you towards deeper emotional growth and authenticity.

Feel free to send me a quick message through email or phone to see if we would be a good fit to work with each other. You are worthy of taking back control of your life and empowering yourself to change! :)

My Location

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