Ramona C Soriano
Ramona C Soriano
MDiv, CBP, CAT Holistic Psychotherapist, Biofeedback Practitioner
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Ramona C Soriano

Ramona C Soriano

MDiv, CBP, CAT Holistic Psychotherapist, Biofeedback Practitioner

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About Me

My name is Ramona Christine. I am an Ordained Minister and currently a full-time student working towards a dual doctorate in natural and sacred medicine (DNM/DSM) respectively. I provide a range of services ranging from Holistic Psychotherapy and Biofeedback to AstroNumerology (Your Life Purpose) Reports and Consumer Credit Analysis & Strategy for Recovery. My journey into my own healing has led me on many paths and avenues of healing. As a friend, mother, grandmother, and professional, my aim and goal are to share all the tools I have collected along the way.

It was later in my healing search and journey that I made an intentional decision to return to academia to acquire the necessary credentials to professionally provide such services. I am here today to offer what I have learned and personally experienced for myself.

Welcome to Embrace(D) for Life!

Unlicensed/Registered Psychotherapist since 2013, Ordained Clergy, Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, Certified Auricular Therapist, Certified Life/Spiritual Coach, Certified Addiction Technician (formerly CACI)

Nurturing your whole-person requires a basic understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connections and how their relationship dictates your overall well-being. This is the role of the Biofeedback Practitioner and/or Natural Medicine Doctor and Holistic Psychotherapist; to guide and empower you to self-regulate and maintain a life best lived.

Practitioners of Natural Medicine (DNM's), doctors of natural medicine, should not be confused with doctors of naturopathy (ND's). The later ND's use some drugs, and do minor surgery, in contrast to DNM's who only use natural, gentle therapies. Naturopathy tends to follow a more Western model of diagnosis, and treatment, whereas doctors of natural medicine follow a vitalistic, bio-energetic model. Natural Medicine is often call Vital Energy Medicine and is based on the work of Pracelsus (16th Century Swiss alchemist, physician, astrologer, and philosopher), a medical reformer of the 16th century.

Nobody heals you; nature heals you. A trip to the medical doctor to sew up an open wound, is a supportive measure to help mother nature do her healing work. Nature stops the bleeding and creates the scar tissue for protection over that area. Rest and digest healing (natural healing) happens as you lie in bed at home or in the hospital to recover. Your body does it all, from within. All biofeedback assessment tools are non-invasive and safe for use.

Natural Medicine is a healthcare practice, that has its main focus on natural methods of therapy, such as: nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, whole natural diets, exercise, and various mind-body therapies like biofeedback, including bioenergetics, and neuro-vascular reflex therapies.

Natural Medicine places importance on "nature relatedness" and "nature connectivity" and see many health problems as a "nature deficit syndrome". A syndrome is a collection of symptoms; such symptoms can include depression, anxiety, and loss of energy and meaningfulness as well as a weakened immune system. When Natural Medicine and Holistic Psychotherapy are combined together, harmony between the mind, body, and spirit connections are potentialized.

Holistic Psychotherapy, Spiritual Coaching, and Biofeedback are assessment and supportive tools to encourage your natural healing process.

With biofeeback assessment and self-regulating tools at our disposal, we can empower you to give nature a helping hand.

Biofeedback Assessment tools:
Bio-resonance scanning
Auricular Therapy / AuriculoMedicine
Single-channel point testing
The Medicine Wheel (bio-molecular assessments)

Self-regulating tools:
HeartMath - Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
David Delight Pro - Brain Training
BrainTap - Brain Training
Aromatherapy, Essential Oils
NADA Protocol for Addictions - Auricular Acupuncture
Alive - HRV & Breathing Comprehension
Vitamin/Herb Supplements
Rife - Sound Therapy

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