Peter Boghdadi
Peter Boghdadi
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Peter Boghdadi

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About Me

I welcome you to an opportunity to explore solutions to your every day problems. I know setting goals may be different for you, if you never done it before. If you set goals daily, but do not talk, and not share them, you will find the process refreshing The professional setting will enhance success in obtaining a resolution. The best modality will be put to practice. The concepts within the modality for best practice is very helpful. When displaying warmth, neutrality, and person-centered, you will feel rest assured in talking about yourself; and feeling not hopeless but actual hope. We can find worth when you now have a better opportunity in finding solutions that are obtainable. You are excited about the change. The reason you may chose me as your therapist, is I am experiencing a wealth of growth and potential. I have worked with inner city youth and family and even individuals for quite some time. I even seen myself thrive in crisis situations. I just hope we can prevent a crisis. I will be a helper at school, office, home, or even at a hotel. When having 12 years of experience the duration of practice in the psychology field is worth mentioning to you. We are here to tackle your delicate situation and not hide from them. When your situation is handled with warmth and care this allows you feel better coming to me. You and I will be empowered when we discover change through exploration. The key is discovery and exploration brings meaning to me and you and simply to life itself. A sense of accomplishment occurs when we overcome our fears, with the problems we face, feel that is uncertain. I am thankful you chose me as your therapist. Let us tackle the problem, when we welcome the opportunity to see ourselves in a positive light.

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