Michelle Mullaley
Michelle Mullaley
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Michelle Mullaley

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About Me

If you are a teen, young adult or parent, struggling with mood, anxiety, self-esteem or relationship problems, you may know there is an easier way to navigate your current challenges. But you may not know how to cope with your emotions, why certain situations are so upsetting to you, or what you really want out of your life… yet. In my work with teens and adults, we explore your emotions, the areas of your life that may have led you to your current experiences, and process them along the path to greater understanding and healthier coping. We can free you up to make the choices that bring you balance and satisfaction in your life. If you have been a survivor of traumatic experiences in your life, you may not fully understand how it has shaped your emotions and response to daily events, or be frustrated that the past will not stay in the past – but together we can learn how they are connected, help you learn to manage your reactions, and even grow to feel stronger than ever.

I support clients in individual therapy, using a psychodynamic and humanistic-oriented approach, and incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) techniques, as appropriate for each individual client. Therapy may also involve parents, spouses, and other supportive individuals where it can be helpful in reaching each person’s therapy goals.

I also conduct psychological evaluations to clarify concerns related to cognitive, academic, attention and emotional symptoms, using the assessment process as a jumping off point to help clients identify their needs and start on the road to improving their functioning. I can also consult with schools and other providers to help clarify educational and treatment interventions that will best serve each client. Part of my role is to connect with testing referrals to match each client to the best fit among our testing psychologists, and help to ensure that each client has a similarly responsive, high quality testing experience, and a consistent and thorough written report to support their self-understanding and interventions.

I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with an Emphasis in Child and Family Psychology, at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. I have worked in therapeutic schools, and in private practice over the past 20 years, and currently co-own Bridges Therapy and Wellness Center.

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