Margy Hendershott
Margy Hendershott
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Margy Hendershott

Margy Hendershott

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Anxiety and depression have a way of taking over your life. Sometimes people don’t even know they have been struggling with anxiety and depression; they become used to it. You have probably already done a lot to cope on your own.

I’m Margy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with over 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, and I’m here to help. I have come to enjoy and specialize in working with people with anxiety, depression and prenatal/postpartum adjustment. I can teach you how to live a life that you didn’t know was possible. I offer healthy strategies to help you enjoy your life again.

Anxiety and depression can wreak havoc on our daily lives and in relationships; you end up feeling miserable and don’t quite know why or how it got this bad. You want to feel more in control, confident, peaceful , motivated – happy. You want a safe place to talk and get some help sorting things out. I also offer a Christian perspective in therapy, if you so choose.

I got started in the field of helping when I was in high school. People talked to me about their problems and I liked listening. I have been drawn to the psychotherapy profession ever since I can remember. I have had some amazing training and was mentored by some world class therapists. Through my schooling and work, along the way I discovered that I had a lot to learn about myself, UGH! I was involved in a therapy group that staff therapists were required to participate in. It was tough — I heard lots of things I really didn’t want to hear from people who cared about my best interest and growth, and guess what, it helped me grow and I learned so much about myself and others. I was SOLD on the therapy process and how it can help us become the best version of ourselves. However, like everyone else I am not always the best version of myself, as sometimes life is straight up tough. Bad things happen, we get hurt, get down and the world is confusing and scary at times. It can all be a lot. I need a lot of support, feedback and sometimes a good kick in the pants from people I trust who want me to be my best self. I believe that willingness and the process of working on myself, makes me a better therapist.

I have helped hundreds of people over the years get their lives back. It is such an honor to sit with people who choose to trust me to open up their hearts and lives. I have seen people transform themselves. If they can do it, so can you!

  • License Number: 05287
  • License Type: LCSW
  • License State: Iowa
  • Experience: 27 years
  • Languages: English