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About Me

Are you left overwhelmed, hopeless and exhausted? Will it ever get better? Yes, it can. Living with past trauma, grief or loss is not easy when we feel alone and stuck; When it feels that your story is already written in stone. This is not the case. Together, we can explore new perspectives, and rewrite your story. I have the training and knowledge to help you move through this. I offer a space that centers empathy, curiosity and exploration so you can restore vitality to your life!

I provide a safe and judgement free zone that allows clients to heal from trauma and grief. As a therapist I strive to be culturally responsive. I work in compassionate and collaborative ways to help individuals create new beliefs about their lives and experiences. I have a deep appreciation for the powerful conversations I am able to be a part of and the role I play as an activist in my work. I am committed to work consistently towards equality, being aware and taking action against oppression. I am committed to being empathetic and respectful. I am committed to using my imagination, being lighthearted and practicing without judgement. I am committed to honesty, to celebration and memorialization. I am committed to curiosity and growth. I am committed to being open to critique and change when I am not serving you my best.

Sometimes you get "stuck" with stories that become attached to you. By exploring how these stories became a part of you we can discover where the problem is located...Spoiler alert: it's not inside you! I have a firm understanding of trauma and insights about the challenges that marginalized communities face. I work hard to make our time together a safe space to explore all topics. It can be extremely difficult to reconnect to the world when life transitions and traumatic experiences leave us feeling hopeless and depressed. I will assist you in rebuilding what feels lost. I offer individual tele-health services to adults seeking freedom from past trauma, grief and loss. I have specific training in international trauma and 5 years of experience working with complex loss. I believe access to effective mental health care is a human right. Do you work irregular or night shifts? I offer flexible hours, to accommodate busy schedules. Your work shouldn't prevent your journey to healing!

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