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Lisa Seid
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Lisa Seid

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About Me

Hello! My name is Lisa Seid, MS, LMFT. Are you living with anxiety? How about upsetting memories or thoughts you just can’t shake? Let me guess, your day might go something like this:

I wake up and somewhere along the line I start to experience a never-ending loop of being worried and anxious. My body feels tense. I second-guess people (including myself). Trust is hard for me. Even though I might excel professionally, I don’t feel like it inside at times or that might be the only area I feel good about myself in. I love my partner and my family but sometimes feel disconnected from them. To top it all off, I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I’ve tried to fix things before but was only left feeling more defeated so now I say, “I guess this is just how it is.” But I hate that! I don’t want that. I want something better. I just don’t know how that can really happen.

Sound familiar? Many of my clients describe going through similar experiences. Would you like to know how to truly get on track and have some sense of relief? Whether it’s resolving past or current issues, I understand how hard it is.


I’m a licensed psychotherapist and trauma specialist, particularly related to relationship and family issues (past or present). I chose to specialize in this area for a few reasons. First, I am a former chronic stress lifestyle liver and complex trauma survivor. I’ve had to undergo my own process of healing, so I truly get what it’s like to look at the things we want to look away from. This is what prompted me to become a therapist in the first place!

Second, after years of working with individuals, couples, and families as a clinician, I became frustrated with seeing clients hit a ceiling in their growth. I taught them skills to change their negative thinking patterns, calm their anxious feelings, and better understand why they did what they did which they found useful. Yet, deep down they still had those negative core beliefs about themselves or the world so it was a continuous challenge, always being on guard for moments that might trigger them to address afterwards.

It wasn’t until I learned about and got trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy that I felt I had the tools to help my clients move past those limitations. EMDR is one of the foremost brain-based therapy models effective in treating trauma. Research has supported this model helping clients to create more adaptive neural networks in their brain!

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