Linda Meier Abdelsayed
Linda Meier Abdelsayed
Linda Meier Abdelsayed

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About Me

So you have a new baby. And it's nothing like you thought it would be. The sleepless nights, the frustrations around breastfeeding, and the general feeling of loss of control are just getting to you. You haven't showered in days, don't feel like yourself anymore, and the thriving career woman you once were seems like a distant memory. You've read all of the parenting books, asked questions in the facebook mommy groups, and the advice that you keep on hearing just doesn't seem to work for you and your growing family. You are fighting with your spouse more than ever before. You are feeling helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed.

You want to regain control. You want to start being able to feel like yourself again and feel like you know what you're doing as a parent. You want to be able to not only take care of your baby but take care of yourself. You want to experience happiness with your baby and your spouse. After all, that's why you choose to have a baby and grow your family.

With easy 24/7 online scheduling, and the ability to see clients in person or online, I make it easy for you to fit therapy into your busy life. Getting started is easy: just go to my website ( and schedule your first appointment.

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