Laura Zane-Nwagbaraocha
Laura Zane-Nwagbaraocha
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Laura Zane-Nwagbaraocha

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About Me

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted at the end of the day? Like no one really gets you? Like even though you are in a room full of people, you are completely alone? That even though you ask for support, it is falling on deaf ears? Have you been labeled "too sensitive"? Are you having difficulty understanding why other people seem to be able to get all the things done that overwhelm you? Did you once have it "all together" and now things seem to be slowly slipping between your fingers? Do you have difficulty doing the water cooler talk? Do you seem to feel others pain and describe yourself as an empath? Are you struggling with the current events? Feeling like it is too much and there is no way I can help?

If these sound like you, it is possible you are a highly sensitive person or an HSP. HSP's are more prone to anxiety or depression because we experience the world differently, we feel it deeper, are more aware of how things impact others, and sense how those around us are feeling, often without them saying so. We tend to be highly conscientious both in our work and home lives, sometimes to our own detriment.
There is also a part of us that can have what is called vicarious trauma, where because we are so sensitive, we LITERALLY can FEEL other's pain...which can create trauma for us, even if we have not witnessed the trauma first hand. If we have witnessed the trauma first hand, it may take us longer to get over something that others perceive as mild.

My specialty is helping women using traditional, holistic and spiritual approaches to help you learn healthy coping skills for dealing with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. My goal is to teach you the best strategies for living your life to the fullest. When we work together, we will explore what is working for your highly sensitive nature, both the strengths and the challenges, and then processing what needs to be adjusted to help you be the best you can be. Sometimes we will laugh together, sometimes we will cry together, and always we will work on creating a place for you to be your authentic self.

So, if you’re willing to dive deep and do some personal work to get through to a better you, you have found the right place in Sage Synergy! As an Highly Sensitive Person and empath myself, I get what it is like to need a safe place to be you. I will help you heal, feel happier and enjoy life again. Go grab a cup of tea, bring a willing heart and soul and let'

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