Justin Boccuti

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About Me

Education and Background

Justin Boccuti is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner/founder of Westwind Counseling Services. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Community Counseling at Columbus State University. In addition, he was initiated as a member of the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society.


Justin has 10 years of counseling experience and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and couples. He has a passion for working with both couples on relationship issues and individuals that have been diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum. Justin is an LGBTQ+ ally and is sensitive to race, gender, and sexuality issues.

Work Experience

Justin has extensive experience in providing counseling to children, adolescents, and adults, because mental health is important at every age. His work experience includes community based counseling, outpatient counseling, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient services, and inpatient treatment. Additionally, he has worked in a drug court program and interned at a college counseling center early in his career.


In short, he provides individual, couples, and family counseling. In addition, Justin has specialized training and experience in utilizing divorce discernment counseling. I offer discernment counseling for couples on the brink of divorce that want help in gaining clarity, direction, and an understanding of what led to present moment. Often times one person is leaning out while the other is leaning into the marriage. Discernment counseling is a specialized approach that helps both partners clarify on their beliefs, whether the relationship is worth fighting for, or reasons they may want to end the relationship. It is important to know that instead of trying to fix the relationship, you are trying to decide whether or not you can “do” the work on the marriage.


“Everyone has a unique story to tell and I am committed to listening to yours. Working on yourself can be difficult, uncomfortable, and new, but it is a choice that only you can make. We can work together to help you meet your personal goals.”

Approach to Therapy

Justin Boccuti works from an integrative therapy model because life is not “one size fits all.” In other words, he tailors your treatment to help you feel happier, improve confidence, become healthier, increase awareness, identify barriers, gain insight, and to utilize coping skills.

My Location

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