Julie Alicki

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About Me

I have always believed that each person is unique with distinct life experiences that have contributed to making you the person you are today; no two people are the same and each person deserves to be listened to with compassion and in a non-judgmental manner. I believe that while our experiences shape us, we have the capacity to change, grow and become the person we want to be. Seeking help for an issue that is causing you pain is not a sign of weakness but one of courage and strength! I can help you discover useful tools that will enable you to cope with life’s difficulties and bring peace and contentment into your life.

I will help you with issues such as unresolved childhood trauma, a change in career plans, family disagreements, changes in relationship status such as death, divorce or separation, coping with a serious illness, or caring for someone with a serious illness.

If you are feeling confused, angry, hopeless, sad, resentful or anxious about the challenges you face it is important to know that there is help navigating these feelings and getting you back to a place of being in control of your life and emotional health.

My Location

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