Holly Stuart

Credentials: LCSW
Languages: English
Experience: 10 years

Creating a safe and trusting space where individuals can be emotionally vulnerable without fear of judgement or rejection is my first priority as a therapist. You can be confident I will treat you with respect, and I will honor your dignity and worth. I welcome you and all that comes with you.
Therapy involves a deep exploration of how we move through the world and why. By examining your beliefs about the world and your roles and purposes within it, we will embark on a journey that will challenge you to develop new skills, flex new muscles, and enhance your sense of self-worth.
Whether you are hoping to work through depression, anxiety, troubling relationship dynamics, identity issues, grief or loss, career dissatisfaction, spiritual conflicts, trauma, or issues related to sex and sexuality, we will work together to maximize your sense of joy and fulfillment, so you can move towards creating your best life.