Florin Selagea
Florin Selagea
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Florin Selagea

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About Me

I am an assessment psychologist who specializes is pyschological testing. Formal evaluation has been a core part of my education and training and it is the service where I can bring my talents and experience to provide the best care for my clients. I earned a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University of Georgia with an concentration in testing and assessment. I completed an American Psychological Association accredited internship with an emphasis on assessment and evaluation. I then completed three years of fellowship study in neuropsychological testing with WellStar Psychological Services. I also served as testing and assessment coordinator in the Georgia Tech Counseling Center. I am transitioning to private practice where I can offer my skills and services to a wider range of clients.

I currently offering my services for three population groups.

I conduct psychoeducational testing with children, adolescents, and young adults where the primary concerns are ADHD and/or a learning disorder. The test battery is robust and comprehensive and provides measures of cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional functioning. I provide comprehensive psychological reports that summarize the findings, provide for formal diagnosis, and include treatment recommendations on how parents and schools can support the client.

It is possible for conditions like ADHD to persist into adulthood and interfere with optimal functioning in occupational, community, and interpersonal settings. For this reason, I provide focused testing for ADHD in order to determine if this is underlying the difficulties an individual is experiencing. The testing report will provide information that can help an individual and their doctor decide on treatment options that are best for them.

For older adults age 65 and over, I provide neuropsychological testing. I work collaboratively with primary care physicians and specialists to help assess for changes in thinking. Our bodies change over time and that includes our brains and associated functions. While neurology and imaging techniques can assess the structures of the brain, neuropsychological testing assesses the functioning of the brain. With the application of formal testing measures, it is possible to determine whether observed changes in thinking are normal or if they are not. Testing can also help differentiate between different types of underlying conditions and can be used to track the progression of changes.

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