Elias Oseni

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About Me

Open for new clients aged 12-25! I'm all about helping youth and young adults who've been through tough times or faced stressful situations. I'm here to be their voice and provide exceptional care. I truly believe that getting help early on is the first step towards healing, so I love working with teenagers and young adults. My goal is to create a safe and supportive space where clients feel accepted and understood.
At the same time, I aim to motivate and encourage clients to embrace fresh challenges and view things from a fresh angle. It's important for clients to recognize that therapy requires effort, time, and that the outcome hinges on their own dedication and the therapeutic bond we build together.
Having gone through my own personal traumas and overcoming them, I've been shaped as a therapist. These experiences have deepened my empathy and nurtured a non-judgmental approach. When I'm not busy helping others, you can find me indulging in hobbies like biking, playing tennis, exploring new countries, and discovering new restaurants. Let's connect!

My Location

static image of 500 Waters Edge Lane, Suite 100, Lombard, Illinois