Elaine Hess

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About Me

I am a licensed psychologist practicing in the Houston area. I help people who struggle with sleep issues but feel at the mercy of their insomnia. I also help people who are managing a serious health condition (e.g., cancer, GI disorders, chronic pain), or are a caregiver to someone who is.

I offer a type of CBT that’s specialized for insomnia and sleep disturbance. It has been shown to be incredibly effective in as few as six to eight sessions. Together we will explore how to help you sleep by resetting your body's biorhythm. We will practice habits that strengthen your ability to sleep - like only using the bed for sleep. This will help you regain your mood, memory, and overall health.

I work to create a warm and safe environment for my clients. I have a consistent mindfulness practice to keep me grounded and present. I've had insomnia at times in my life and have been helped by the techniques that I teach!

For more information on the services I provide, please visit my website at www.houstonhealthpsychology.com

My Location

static image of 6575 West Loop South, Suite 603, Bellaire, Texas
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