Dr. Jenni Skyler

Specialties: Sex Therapy and Marriage Therapy for Couples and Individuals.
Credentials: LMFT, Sex Therapist
Languages: English
Experience: 10 years
Telephone: 720-331-3354
Address: 5377 Manhattan Circle, #204, Boulder, 80303

The Intimacy Institute for sex and relationship therapy helps couples and individuals better their lives sexually and emotionally. We offer Clinical Sex therapy – a specialized area of professional psychotherapy, with a team of therapists that all have comprehensive training in sexuality and couples therapy. We focus on sexual and emotional health, pleasure, and satisfaction. Many common issues in sex therapy include desire discrepancy, erectile and ejaculation struggles, orgasm concerns, painful intercourse, infidelity, regulating compulsive sexual behavior, and understanding alternative lifestyles and sexual expression.
Our sex therapy approach helps clients understand and better their sexuality to include sexual intimacy, health, function, pleasure, and knowledge of human sexuality. In addition to our comprehensive and compassionate counseling, we offer practical, solutions and skills. We educate and empower clients to create an optimum sex life.