Dr Gina Pazzaglia

Specialties: Traditional Counseling, Family Counseling, Grief and Trauma Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Group Therapy, Workshops
Credentials: PhD, LCSW, LADC
Languages: English
Experience: 20+ years
Address: 9404 Buttonwood Ave Oklahoma City, Ok 73160

Dr Gina Pazzaglia has been a therapist in the Oklahoma City area for many years; she has been the owner and operator of several local businesses. She was formerly the Founder and CEO for a Non Profit mental health agency for almost 10 years. She is licensed as a clinical social worker, and alcohol and drug counselor. Dr. Gina has worked in a variety of fields including health and wellness, energy healing, hypnotherapy, addressing trauma and domestic violence, chronic pain, addictions, relationship issues and much more. She is also an Author, Speaker, And Publisher. Currently she owns and operates Restorative Alternative Wellness, Inc. and is co-owner of Yuck Yay, Inc.