Dr. Dana C. Avey

Specialties: ​Individual, Family, and Couples 18+ Experiencing Mood Disorders, Thought Disorders, and General Life Transitions and Struggles; LGBTQI+ Affirming.
Credentials: LMFT (licensed in Colorado and Georgia) Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, AcuDetox Specialist
Languages: English
Experience: 10 years
Telephone: 719-445-0840
Address: 2975 Broadmoor Valley Rd., Suite 103A, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

​Established in 2015 and located in southwest Colorado Springs, Colorado, Fulfillment Counseling & Life Coaching PLLC offers both in-person and online therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families, 18 or older.  Therapy is offered online and in-person for Colorado and Georgia residents are served online only.  Considering that not every therapist is the right fit, free 15-minute phone consultations are provided to ensure the connection feels right.

Fulfillment Counseling utilizes a secure web portal so clients are able to schedule anytime, day or night, journal freely and share with the therapist in preparation for upcoming sessions, and message directly when needed. While most practices offer one session for 50 minutes weekly, at Fulfillment Counseling, in addition to the scheduled 60 minute session, clients are able to access the therapist between sessions and receive additional connection and support when appropriate – at no additional cost.  In addition, with online sessions available, clients can choose to switch from an in-office session to online during times when their schedule is not conducive to making it in person. Further, clients have the flexibility and freedom to bring any members of their support system into sessions with them when indicated.  Care collaboration and coordination is also facilitated when needed, on the behalf of clients. With client consent, Fulfillment Counseling will coordinate care and communicate with other providers to ensure each client receives optimum, whole-person care.
Whole-person care is imperative, and Fulfillment Counseling respects both traditional, Western medicine, as well as other more alternative, complementary approaches. AcuDetox, a form of Auricular acupuncture, has demonstrated benefit for clients in relaxation, sleep, stress-reduction, detoxing from substances, and in anxiety/ depression/ trauma symptom reduction and is available at Fulfillment Counseling. As an alternative to needles, application of magnetic beads and/or Vaccaria seeds onto specific acupressure points on the ear is an additional option. Therapy clients can have this as an added service or it can be a stand-alone service. Walk & Talk sessions are also provided for those wishing to integrate activity or movement into their sessions for a simultaneous mind-body benefit.

Come be a part of an innovative, therapeutic environment where your growth is encouraged and respected, as you deserve all the universe intends for you, in your quest toward fulfillment.