Colleen Koncilja
Colleen Koncilja
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Colleen Koncilja

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About Me

I believe that each of us is confronted with things that are devastating, painful, and overwhelming at different times in our lives. It is at these times we are called to find the courage that lies within us, to face whatever the difficulties are, and to tap into our internal strengths and resilience to survive the experiences.

Often, the pain and devastation that lingers from these experiences is something that can continue to hurt us. When this happens, we may find that we need additional support, professional guidance, understanding, and compassion so that we can heal the parts of ourselves who were hurt and are hurting because of these painful and difficult experiences.

It takes courage to realize you're struggling. Even though you've probably tried a bunch of things to help yourself feel may still be suffering and you want/deserve to feel better. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, depression, or past trauma, frustrated with a relationship, gambling more, feeling stuck and uncertain, or wonder how much longer you can keep it together...I'd be glad to help so you can feel better. We all need and deserve to have someone to talk to about the toughest and most painful parts of our lives. Life can be extremely difficult but you don't have to suffer alone.

For the past two decades I've helped adults and couples
*reduce their stress, anxiety, depression, and effects from trauma
*accept and cope with chronic pain & chronic illnesses,
*reduce & recover from problem gambling,
*develop greater connection while addressing underlying conflicts, unhealthy patterns, intimacy issues, and relationship stressors.

You don't have to feel alone nor suffer any longer. If you're ready to make a change so you can feel better and create the life you want and deserve to have, it'd be my honor to help. Therapy is an investment in your well-being, growth, health, and happiness. I encourage you to take the next step by reaching out and calling or emailing me so we can begin.

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