Colby Cohen-Archer
Colby Cohen-Archer
(859) 327-6459
Colby Cohen-Archer

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About Me

As a licensed psychologist, I am trained to first focus on your strengths, and to help you use these to address depression, anxiety, insomnia, or other issues. I tailor therapy to your goals, your personality, your culture and values, and what feels right to you. Therapy might include discussing the past or the present, exploring your feelings, or examining how you and I interact with each other. It might include between-session writing or reading, in-session relaxation training, experiments in changing sleeping or eating habits, or guidance in effective parenting strategies. The most important part of therapy is that you feel safe, understood, and supported in our relationship. By listening with openness, compassion, and empathy, and by being genuine as we talk together, I hope that you do.

I earned my PhD in 1998 and worked at university counseling centers until I opened The Postpartum Adjustment Center in 2007. For more information see

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