Chanel Myers

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About Me

Do you ever feel like your voice is not being heard; and no one's ever really listening to you? I will help you move towards honest communication of your fears, wants, and needs to open doors to healthier relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

So many of US have stumbled through life experiencing hurt, shame, rejection, and loss; now we carry emotional boulders that can block us or make us feel stuck. It’s almost like carrying a bunch of rocks up a steep hill. I can help you unveil what each of those rocks mean TO YOU and if they have a place in your future or need to be left in the past.

I believe that every family member is impacted by the challenges of moving through life cycles in an imperfect world. I will work with you and your family through these changes in a respectful way where you can learn from each other and about yourself.

I provide a lot of validation, humor, empathy, support, reframing, educating, assigning homework and journal prompting. I tend to incorporate attachment theory into a lot of my work as well, especially when providing services for relationship issues, attachment trauma, anger management, anxiety and depression. Part of the way I work with my clients is to open up communication and explore the meanings we assign to behaviors. Together we gain an understanding of how family history and dynamics have an imprint on your current functioning.

My Location

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