Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell
(301) 503-9504
Ashley Mitchell

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About Me

I have experience working with people who have anxiety disorders, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, trauma, and sleep issues. If you are experiencing any of these, I will work with you in a nonjudgmental way to help you gain control over your emotions and help you manage your thoughts, so that you can feel good and functional.

I typically utilize techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy because I think it is important to recognize how our thoughts can change how we feel. Understanding our inner dialogue is essential for gaining control over our emotions. I also like to add in dialectical behavior therapy and other eclectic styles like neurofeedback (although not during COVID-19), guided meditations, breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, and solution focused techniques. I will work with you in whatever capacity you are comfortable and will not push one type over another one if you do not feel you can relate to that style.

My Location

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