Ariana Kyte

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About Me

I specialize in relationships! With couples, young families and parents of little kids. Visit my website now to learn more.

Relationships are hard. Being a parent is REALLY hard! Over 95% of my clients want help in regards to an important relationship in their lives, usually a child or significant other.

So if you feel at a loss, disconnected and angry at your spouse, your child or even a friend or parent in your life- know that you aren't alone, and that you can have the relationship you want.

My style is authentic and interactive: I won’t stare at you in silence, only occasionally making mysterious interpretations. Instead, I approach therapy as an active collaboration. Most of us benefit from some combination of being listened to and accurately understood, trying out alternative behaviors, learning new information relevant to our situation and re-examining what we have been taught about who we are. Above all, having a safe, supportive person with whom to explore issues that may otherwise feel too painful, difficult or shameful. I offer Christian counseling and “walk and talk” therapy to those who request it.

My Location

static image of 1881 South Arlington Avenue, Suite 201, Reno, Nevada
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