Alicia Patterson

Specialties: Embodiment. Trauma. Sexuality. Pelvic Health. Dance Therapy. Lineage & Ancestry. Cultural Competency
Credentials: LPC, MA, DMT
Languages: English
Experience: 6 years
Telephone: 720-279-4781

Hello! My name is Alicia Patterson and I have worked in the mental health field in Colorado for the past 8 years – both as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Women’s Health Mentor / Bodyworker. I received my Bachelor’s in Communication Studies from Mount Saint Mary’s University and my Master’s Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology (Body Psychotherapy & Dance Movement Therapy) in 2014 from Naropa University. I have worked all over the mental health system from the emergency room, psychiatric in-patient unit, residential treatment, crisis center & community mental health, private counseling agencies, and now work primarily in my own private practice. I have worked with individuals, teens, couples, groups, and many different types of settings / programs. I use a combination of body-oriented approaches, psycho-spiritual tools (physics, visualization, archetypes & myth, the cosmos, trauma resolution, expressive arts, integration of experience, and contact / hands-on work with consent / therapeutic touch training) that supports you to move toward vitality and health. I offer psychotherapy as well as Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) & uterine / abdominal massage, a service that includes hands-on pelvic bodywork that addresses uterine placement, reproductive organ energy, pelvic floor fascia, the cervix, and the emotional imprints in the female pelvis. Please visit my website for more information on my practices.

I believe that continuous growth of the mind/body/spirit brings healing and the capacity to live life in this manner. With a background in counseling, body-based healing, yoga & meditation, nutrition & health coaching, trauma-informed care, cultural competency, and embodiment practice, I am able to offer you this holistic approach for ultimate growth and healing. I believe a nonjudgmental, respectful, accepting therapeutic relationship is essential in providing a safe climate for self-exploration and growth.

Working with me can provide you with: emotional regulation, connection to your body, relationship skills & health, nervous system strength, coping strategies & skills, connection to the greater web of life, stability, reproductive health, the ability to release shock from your system, embodiment, relationship health, and practical self-care practices.
Extensive training in somatic (body based therapy), Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) , Uterine Massage & Massage Therapy, psycho-spiritual & shamanic tools, and trauma recovery. I offer Brainspotting (EMDR) as a trauma processing tool. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Dance Movement Therapist (RDMT) and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)