Abbey Aslanian
Abbey Aslanian
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Abbey Aslanian

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About Me

The most rewarding aspect for me in my role as a therapist is watching someone learn that they are capable of helping themselves in a way they did not previously think possible. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, and difficult life circumstances can tell us that we are incapable of helping ourselves or ever changing for the better again. Emotional distress can seem to obscure possibilities and prevent us from seeing clearly. The process of finding your way back to yourself and your ability to reconnect to options can be challenging. I understand that it requires trust, empathy, and honest feedback. It is possible, though.
I am a licensed clinical psychologist who prioritizes evidence-based treatments including CBT, ACT, and mindfulness-based interventions. My background and training is in working with adults at various levels of care including inpatient, intensive outpatient programs, and a residential group home, where individuals present with complex and acute issues.
Feeling stuck, empty, lost? Perhaps you are struggling to manage symptoms related to major depression, bipolar disorder, a thought disorder, addiction, or some combination. Therapy with me can help you gain greater awareness and understanding of your internal experiences as well as to learn and practice healthier ways to cope and live.

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