Nando Raynolds

Specialties: Self-compassion, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Anxiety
Credentials: LPC, MA
Languages: English
Experience: 30 years
Telephone: 541-821-6623
Address: 600 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland, Oregon

Life satisfaction is mostly about relationship, don’t you agree? I help people have emotionally open and compassionate relationships both with themselves and with others. I work with individuals and couples on this. Individually, so much of life satisfaction and personal effectiveness is based on how well you understand yourself (mindfulness), how you treat yourself (compassion), and how you advocate for your desires. With others, relationships are built through mutually respectful listening and co-creating mutually delightful interactions. I see relationship as a spiritual path.
Based on a foundation of feeling respected and understood, we’ll choose the tools and approaches that will help you feel better fast while building your self-understanding, self-compassion and communication skills. Approaches from Energy Psychology, NLP, and Hakomi, grounded in the body, can help you make more rapid changes than traditional talk therapy.
Expect the lasting personal growth you seek to require persistent, deliberate effort from you. I offer you realistic hope based on emotional relief during the session and a sensible plan for achieving your goals. Contact me today by phone to check our connection and discuss who you want to become.