Amanda LaRose

Specialties: anxiety, depression, life transitions, parenting, relationships, aging, caregiving
Credentials: LCSW
Languages: English
Experience: 12 years
Telephone: 703-493-0467

Amanda has experience counseling adults of all ages, families, and caregivers. Amanda believes that everyone experiences changes across the lifespan, which naturally leads them to developing coping skills to overcome those challenges.

However, there are times in everyone’s life, when for some reason, they are struggling to cope, and therefore they can benefit greatly from additional support. This is why Amanda is passionate about supporting people who are committed to improving their lives. Leading a life of wellness can mean different things to each individual person, and Amanda finds this motivating in the work she does every day.

Amanda works with adults from ages 18 and older. She can connect personally with young adults, but also has almost 15 years of experience working with middle-aged adults and elders. She specializes in counseling related to depression, anxiety, aging, grief and loss, medical illness, and adjustment to changes across the lifespan. The combination of education in psychology and social work, along with years of experience providing care management in communities to connect clients to resources, allows Amanda to bring a unique array of skills with the support and counseling she provides.