How to Find the Best Online Anger Management Resources

MS Broudy, Ph.D
August 11, 2020

Everyone gets angry. It is a natural emotion. It is what you do with that anger that matters. Anger management is one of the most difficult issues to address. Luckily, if you have difficulty managing your anger, there are online resources available to help you.

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What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is the process of learning skills to effectively manage your anger. It is important to note that the goal is not to eliminate anger but rather to cope with it effectively. When you exhibit inappropriate expressions of anger, it inevitably leads to problems at work, personal relationships, and even conflict with the law. To manage your anger, you need to recognize its causes as well as make cognitive and behavioral changes.

Online Anger Management Resources

You can find numerous resources on the Internet that will meet your treatment needs. It’s just a matter of surveying your options and deciding between the more relevant ones.

Screening Measures

First off, you may not be sure if you have an anger problem. Maybe your anger has gotten you into trouble in the past but you still wonder if it qualifies as a significant issue. A good way to find out is to take a measure that screens for anger problems.

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Screening measures do not provide a diagnosis but they can give you a preliminary indication that you might have a problem. Keep in mind that measures on certain sites are just trying to take your money and their validity is questionable. Look for screenings that have some research cited to back them up.

Free Psycho-Education and Workbooks

If you have an anger problem but don’t feel like it warrants an intense degree of intervention, you can make use of free self-help options. There is a massive amount of information online. HelpGuide does a good job with basic information about anger management.

If you are looking for more than just information, you can find workbooks that focus on anger management that you can work on in your own time. If you are motivated, you will find these resources to be both helpful and valuable. Keep in mind, though, that as useful as these resources are, there is no one to hold you accountable or give you advice.

Online Courses

Courses generally combine psycho-education and therapeutic exercises to help you with your anger issues. Almost all of these classes involve cognitive-behavioral principles to help you reach your goals. Unlike free options, courses usually include a measure of accountability (e.g., quizzes) to prove you retained the information and offer a certificate of completion.

These courses are generally not interactive, so you won’t be able to talk to an expert about what you are learning. If you are court-ordered to complete an anger management class, this type of treatment may be all you need to satisfy the requirement. Two popular courses are offered by Udemy and the Anger Management Training Institute.


Online groups are a desired resource for treating anger problems. They can be divided into treatment groups and support groups.

Treatment Groups – Most treatment groups are structured and based on cognitive-behavioral theory. The content is usually similar to online courses but with live interaction and a professional facilitator. The strength of group treatment is in the experience and feedback of its members. Some therapists prefer group treatment for anger management because member participation provides valuable perspectives and often makes anger management exercises even more effective.

It may be hard to find someone offering group treatment on the big online therapy sites but there are many therapists running anger management groups online. Studies of anger management treatment groups have found them to be effective in reducing inappropriate behavior.

Support Groups – You can find free anger management support groups online. Keep in mind that free groups are not facilitated by a professional and you can’t be sure with whom you are interacting. Still, they offer the chance to communicate with a group of people and may provide the support you need.

Individual Therapy

The main advantage of individual therapy is a constant focus on your specific issues. Finding an individual therapist who specializes in anger problems is relatively simple and can be accomplished by seeking one out directly or through a platform that offers online therapy.

You Can Overcome Anger Issues

It’s not easy to overcome anger issues. It requires considerable work, determination, and support. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wide choice of interventions based on your needs. Whether it is psycho-education, group support, or an online course, you will find a solution for effectively managing your anger.

MS Broudy, Ph.D

MS Broudy is a psychologist, writer, and consultant. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a master’s degree in Social Psychology. He has spent over 20 years providing therapy and assessment services for a diverse set of clients. MS specializes in writing about mental health, parenting, and wellness. He has his own blog,, where he writes about psychological issues.