Can Online Christian Counseling Help with Addiction?

Author Amanda Caswell
June 28, 2020

Online Christian counseling, also known as faith-based or biblical counseling, combines your Christian faith with the principles of psychology. This type of treatment has been used for decades to improve everything from marriages and relationships to mental health and addiction. This approach to psychology uses biblical teachings and scripture to help patients deal with many of life’s most difficult challenges.

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For Christians with a deeply rooted faith, this type of treatment helps identify behaviors that are contradictory and conflicting to Jesus’s teachings. In the midst of life’s troubles, such as a loss of a loved one, financial troubles, declining health, divorce, or other hardship, some people turn to alcohol and substance abuse as a way to cope. Online Christian counseling supports these “lost sheep” in their efforts to overcome their addiction by helping them discover a stronger and more resilient faith in God.

Online faith-based counselors trust the Bible

Licensed Christian counselors rely on the Bible as their ultimate guide. They see the Holy Book as the one and only truth and use it to steer their patients, such as those struggling with addiction, to think and behave according to the truths the Master taught. Their unique approach is a holistic one that encompasses the biblical view of how patients are made according to God. Seeing their patients as multi-dimensional – physical, psychological, and spiritual beings – is pivotal in helping them find health, happiness, and freedom from addiction.

Licensed Christian counselors do not treat people as creations of impersonal chance. They are unwavering in their faith and stand firm in their closeness to Christ by recognizing everyone as a unique and loved creation of God.

Online Christian counseling – the benefits

Unlike other forms of online counseling, Christian counseling acknowledges a higher authority. Rather than focusing on leading voices in psychology or the latest trends to find answers, Christian counselors stand firm in their acknowledgement that real answers can be found by turning to the word of God. They trust that these principles can lead patients to a more abundant and fulfilled life by following what Jesus spoke of in scripture.

While secular online counseling often encourages patients to listen to their own hearts to do what they think is right, online Christian counselors encourage a different approach and know that the human heart can be deceitful. They encourage their patients to apply the truths and guiding principles of God’s Word to their daily lives.

They help them prioritize and achieve desired changes using the framework of biblical truth. In essence, online Christian counseling has an even higher goal than simply overcoming addiction. The licensed faith-based therapist wants to help every patient in their pursuit of God and a more purposeful life.

Anyone who has tried to overcome addiction, and failed, knows that counting on your own strength is not enough. Ultimately recognizing that God can and will help in any time of crisis is vital.

Online Christian counseling is not just for Christians

Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, online Christian counseling may help you to realize you are not on this life journey alone. Regardless of your religious background, Christian counseling can help you to develop a closer relationship with God so real healing can take place. This is something that secular counseling cannot achieve since it is limited in addressing deep emotions and spirituality.

Christian counseling offers real hope. Anyone willing to accept God as the source of true happiness and healing can benefit from online Christian counseling. It is important to know, however, that this type of treatment may not be beneficial to those who do not accept God or are offended by religion. If you are inclined to get upset or disturbed by the idea of looking to a higher power, then a more traditional route for handling addiction may be more suitable.

In Summary

The ultimate goal of online Christian counseling is to help the patient silence their own sense of human will to become more accepting of God’s will. Christian counseling can have dramatic life-changing effects in treating various mental health issues and overcoming addictions. It offers a solution to walking through this life’s challenges with a more hopeful road to change and healing.

You don’t need to face whatever you’re dealing with alone. Online licensed therapists with a faith-based approach address all three aspects of our being – mind, body, and spirit. This is key to affirming your purpose for a life transformation and handling addiction for good.

Author Amanda Caswell

Amanda is a wellness writer & enthusiast with over 12 years experience writing in the industry. She has a bachelors degree in Creative Writing from NYU. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American School of Nutrition & Personal Training. Amanda is also a celebrity publicist.