The Best Online Christian Counseling Services of 2021

Eric Silver, Author
Updated January 24, 2021

Establishing a connection with a therapist can be challenging for practicing Christians. Though it may be effective, traditional therapy will always feel inadequate to those that view every aspect of life through a Christian lens. The need for religious Christians to find therapists that share their values has given rise to several online solutions aimed at helping them access a much larger pool of Christian therapists.

By enabling them to connect with therapist online, Christians in need of counseling can choose therapists based on how well they meet their needs, not just based on their physical proximity. These services, known as online Christian counseling, blend conventional psychotherapy and Christian, Bible-based wisdom in online sessions. Below we’ve listed the best providers of online therapy for Christians based on their features, pricing and more.

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Faithful Counseling

Editor’s Rating:
Faithful Counseling Logo
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Avg. Price: $90 per week
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video
  • Provides counseling services from a Biblical perspective
  • Licensed therapists are practicing Christians
  • Aimed at increasing psychological and spiritual wellness
  • Counselors can be switched at any time
  • Therapists do not offer traditional pastoral counseling

If you’re looking for leaders in online Christian counseling, look no further. Faithful Counseling employs well over 1,000 licensed therapists, all of whom identify as practicing Christians. Furthermore, Faithful Counseling is the only major online service we’ve come across to adhere to a strict ‘Statement of Faith’, thus cementing their belief in God’s word. These reasons, among many others, have made Faithful Counseling the premier destination for people looking for Christian counseling online.

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Editor’s Rating:
BetterHelp Logo
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Avg. Price: $90 per week
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging
  • All therapists are licensed and experienced
  • Large pool of professional therapists includes thousands of Christians
  • Convenient and easy to use mobile app
  • May take a couple of extra days to be matched with a Christian therapist

BetterHelp has gone to great lengths to employ as many licensed Christian counselors as possible. When signing up, you may request a therapist with a Christian approach to counseling. If for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your therapist, you may switch to another one. With chat-based, phone and video sessions available, in addition to a large segment Christian therapists, BetterHelp is a great option for online Christian counseling.

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ReGain Counseling

Editor’s Rating:
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Avg. Price: $70 per week
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging
  • All therapists specialize in marriage counseling
  • Users may request therapists that are practicing Christians
  • Couple and individual therapy sessions available
  • 3-Way Phone and video sessions not supported

Regain is a unique online counseling service in that it focuses solely on relationship counseling. The therapists on this platform are licensed professionals that have experience in working with couples, as well as individuals, on resolving their relationship issues. In addition to being much more affordable than in-office couples counseling, Regain is also more convenient with its multiple communication options and flexible session scheduling.

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7 Cups of Tea

Editor’s Rating:
7 Cups Logo
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Avg. Price: $150 per month
Mobile App: iOS, Android
Chat and Messaging
  • Less expensive than most other options
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Few licensed therapists that identify as Christian
  • Very small network of professional therapists
  • Limited communication options

7 Cups of Tea is the world’s largest emotional support system, already fostering more than 21 million conversations through their platform. The goal of 7 Cups of Tea is simple—to connect people with free, anonymous and confidential text chat with trained listeners, online therapists and counselors.

Through this anonymous, online platform, members can get connected to kind and caring people that will help them develop new skills to help solve their problems. Depending on the individual, members can connect with a caring and compassionate trained active listener or they can choose a therapist for online therapy.

The unique difference with 7 Cups of Tea is that members can choose a listener if they aren’t sure they need a formal therapy session to address their listeners. This service is free.

For users who are interested in a more professional therapy session, they can work with licensed therapists online and communicate through text, video chat, voice messaging or audio messaging. Users who prefer this site can enjoy unlimited counseling with a professional therapist for just $150 per month.

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Why Try Online Christian Counseling?

Customers sign up for online Christian counseling for a variety of reasons. For starters, religious Christians use their faith in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. So, while they may appreciate the value of traditional psychotherapy, it still comes up short in helping them deal with issues unless it incorporates a religious perspective. Also, Christians are no different than anyone else. They lead busy lives and experience the same challenges as everyone else; depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues and more. So when they choose to proactively deal with these issues, the convenience and affordability of online therapy, coupled with the ability to connect with a therapist that shares their Christian values, is very attractive.​

Your Options When Seeking a Christian Online Counseling Provider

Though there are online therapy sites that specialize in serving Christians, they tend to have too few therapists and very limited tools for communicating with them. Faithful Counseling is very much the exception. They have a large pool of Christian therapists that can conduct sessions via live chat, phone, video conferencing and message boards.

The other primary options for Christians are the larger online therapy services such as BetterHelp, MDLive and Talkspace which may not specifically cater to Christians, but have so many therapists that a large number of them are likely to be Christian. However, only the providers listed in the table above allow you to request or filter therapists based on religious affiliation. Otherwise it’s pretty much a gamble.

What You Can Expect

Professionals on Board

It’s important to remember that these counselors aren’t just life coaches or random strangers connecting with you. These are certified mental health professionals, with extensive training in psychotherapy and a personal affinity for Christianity.

Expertise in Multiple Areas

The licensed professionals on these platforms specialize in treating a variety of mental health issues such as depression, addictions, stress, intimacy, abuse, trauma, and more. While most of the therapists on these sites are technically licensed to treat many issues, they typically specialize in only a handful. During the sign-up process, you will be matched with a therapist who’s specialty meets your individual needs.

Combination of Faith + Therapy

Your Christian counselor works with you using the clinical techniques they’ve been trained on, but will incorporate a faith-based component to the sessions.

Regaining Hope & Purpose

Christian counseling is about more than just helping you work through your problems. It’s about helping you understand how you can use your struggles to grow in your spirituality and faith.


When you are trying to overcome major life challenges, it helps if you can remove some of the logistical burdens from the process. Online therapy sessions are dramatically more convenient than in-office appointments. In addition, message boards allow you to engage in an ongoing dialogue with your therapist round-the-clock.

Reviews: An Added Insight​

The editor’s reviews on this website are based on our testing and personal experiences with the various services. However, by reading dozens of customer reviews, you can gain additional insights about each provider. You will also be able to determine if that specific company is right for you. Customer reviews may detail what they needed help with, what types of exercises the counselor provided, the effectiveness of the service, the usability and privacy features as well as their overall satisfaction with the provider. Whether you’re someone that likes to conduct hours of research before making a purchase decision or you’re more of an impulsive buyer, one thing is certain, reviews such as those on this website can help you avoid making the wrong choice.

Final Assessment of Online Christian Counseling

Using an online Christian counseling service can be truly valuable for religious Christians seeking an affordable and convenient faith-based therapy solution. With an abundance of Christian counselors offered by these online providers, it’s worthwhile exploring if they can help you before opting for more expensive in-office Christian therapists.

The information presented here has been complied by our editorial team, and although we make every effort to keep it up-to-date, misrepresentations and inaccuracies in the data are possible. We recommend that you contact the providers listed below directly, to verify any information that may be of interest to you. Some of the providers listed pay referral fees to this website and even provide us with additional access to their platforms, which may at times impact the order and manner in which they are presented. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information listed below; though we do update it regularly. This information is subject to change at any time.