Five Hidden Romantic Tips to Make Her Fall in Love with You Again

Photo Credit: Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Bookshelves and websites about how to make someone lust for you are plentiful. They’re also undermining true love. Love is about the unique value that each partner brings to the other, and about accepting each other warts and all. Lust is about getting what you want, and paying little to no attention to the other person’s needs. Love is about bringing out the best in each other, and about giving to the person important in your life. Lust is about mind games. Love is about genuine thoughts and feelings, concern for your mutual wellbeing.

One of the best tips for making a women fall in love with a man again is for him to exude self-confidence. Knowing what you’re good at, knowing the limitations that you accept with patience and/or a sense of humor make a man appealing. The road to love is open with possibilities in a self-confident man.

Working with that sense of self-confidence leads to several romantic overtures that a man can make to help a woman to fall in love with him the first time, and all over again. Here are four more to go with the man’s self-confidence:

  1. Compliment her. Praise the woman you love and admire by mentioning her finer qualities, her admirable mannerisms, and even her quirks. Let her know that she’s lovably unique and valuable to you.
  2. Plan to share quality time together. Take the love of your life on dates, even when you’re married. Keep things fresh, flirty and fun with time alone to nurture the relationship and her value as the woman in your life.
  3. Let her know how your life has improved with her influence on it. When a woman knows that you take her suggestions seriously, that her thoughts affect yours positively, she’ll realize that you love her. And she’ll be very likely to reciprocate the feeling.
  4. Touch her. Touch her skin, her soul, her sense of happiness and fulfillment. Women respond to their emotions and when you stroke hers, love can live between you.

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