Dealing with Difficult People

What’s the difference between those astonishingly polite people who respond politely despite someone’s rudeness, stubbornness, refusal to get a life, or even their refusal to learn from the information all around them, and the rest of us? Attitude, and that implies a keen insight into how to deal with difficult people plus a few helpful […]

upset kid

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Among the most painful consequences of divorce or marital discord, parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is the victimization of children by a manipulative parent. They, and their cohorts in the crime of convincing a child to hate the victimized parent, overwhelm the youngster with condescending remarks about the other parent and sometimes with punitive consequences for […]

body image

Grief’s Effect on Health, Body Image/Self-consciousness

Pregnant women whose formerly trim, attention-getting figures have swollen into puffier proportions are known to experience negative body image thoughts and beliefs when it comes to marital and sexual issues, and that’s despite the happiness of expecting a desired child with the happily married husband-father. Body image issues tend to be more complicated for people […]


How to See Humor in a Horrible Situation

Smithsonian magazine once held an article entitled When Bad Things Become Funny; Humor experts set out to discover when tragedies are fine to joke about, and when they’re not. The last paragraph read “… space, time, social relationships and hypotheticality must combine to create a ‘sweet spot’ in order for a comedic spin on tragedy […]

bitter girl

How to be Better not Bitter

You might find it boring, irritating, or mysterious, but “Choose to be better, not bitter,” is a meaningful maxim. It’s about making a decision that the events in your life will not serve as excuses for you to harbor, or to nurture, anger, resentment, jealousy or any negative attitudes. Let’s look how the choice to […]

what kind of therapist is right for you

I Need Help: Where to Find Someone to Talk to

When trusted friends aren’t available or not helpful, when your favorite clergy person just isn’t saying anything to improve your mood or level of insight, when you think “I need help,“ then it’s time to figure out where and how to find the help you need. Depending on the severity of the situation or idea […]


The Ultimate Depression Quotes You Need to See

Depression and sadness are different mindsets. As J. K. Rowling put it, “It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling—that really hollowed-out feeling.” Depression is a problem that feeds on […]

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Diagnosis & Treatment of Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder is not the same thing as schizophrenia. Like schizophrenics, people with Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD) experience a lack of emotion, the avoidance of relationships and activities, plus a lack of motivation. Here’s where the distinctive differences emerge, though: A group of odd, often distressing personality disorders is called a “cluster” in the […]

getting to know someone

How Well Do You Know Me? See How Well You Know Your Partner

This article began with a question at my status update on Facebook: “Care to play a potentially helpful game with me? “I’m preparing an article entitled “How Well Do You Know Me?  See How Well You Know Your Partner.”  Rather than rely on the same old Q’s and A’s typical of such articles, I’m looking for […]