Stoicism Quotes to Change Perspective

You’ve heard of stoicism but you’re not sure what it means. In brief, it was a 3rd-century Hellenist philosophy regarding ethics. The mindset was based on simple logic (not always the best […]


Let’s Give Each Other a Break!

You don’t need to read blogs online or obituaries to know that people tire of each other from time to time. Even besties and passionate lovers have that problem. The solution is […]


The Benefits of Smiling

As I’ve indicated in past articles on this page, smiling is good for physical and mental health. It causes a cascade of supportive chemicals to fill the human body. They include neurotransmitters, […]


The Need for Balance 

When Scientific American publishes an article entitled Are Intellectuals Suffering a Crisis of Meaning? you’re being alerted to a serious reality for all people, not just the super-smart population. Well-adjusted people, at […]


Three Can-Do Steps to Self-love

Mass media undermines everybody by portraying believable people having the times of their lives. Their problems are solved before the story ends, or you don’t care if they continue. Social media worsens […]


The Benefits of a Melancholic Temperament

“Melancholy can’t be disappointed and sometimes will be happily surprised.” Whoever said that knew a wonderful insight: Mindsets matter. Some people are addicted to melancholy aka negativity or depression. They seem to […]


Pessimism– How to work to change it

You probably know pessimistic people and you might even be one yourself. Let’s skip past the consequences of choosing a pessimistic attitude that you probably know all about: Attracting toxic friends and […]