lack of motivation

I Don’t Want to do Anything: Lacking Motivation & What to do

You know the experience of wondering what you’ll do now that you don’t want to do anything. You also know the internal or external pressure to feel motivated or to at least act as if you’re motivated. But. You’re. NOT. Let’s skip the lousy vocabulary on your mind, and all the blame you’re heaping on […]


No Motivation & Depression: Is There a Link?

Medical and psychological materials note that there’s often a clear link between depression and a loss of motivation. If you’re in the “no motivation” mood, the thoughts below might clear up the problem. Losing a loved one or a relationship, or moving to a new place can be stressful to the point that you feel […]

mmpi test

Evaluating Mental Illness via the Three Different MMPI Tests

If you’ve been to college, experienced employment workshops or career counseling, or you’ve been tested for some employment opportunities, you might recall the phrase “MMPI Testing.” Let’s take the mystery out of the initials. The Psychologist Anywhere, Anytime site has a succinct definition that indicates “The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) was designed to help […]

Human Trafficking

Mental Health and Human Trafficking

“The world’s oldest profession” is a euphemism for prostitution. Human trafficking is the politically correct term for pimping victims into the prostitution trade. Whoring, prostituting, sex trafficking, sex work, no matter what you call the activity and the people involved with it, there’s a wide-ranging history to go with prostitution. All of it is destructive. […]

anger management

How to Deal with Your Uncomfortable Anger Issues

Child abuse with no escape. Violent crimes. Inability to earn the job or grades that you want. Poverty despite tenacious efforts to overcome it. Betrayal at school, home, work, camp, or elsewhere. Misery over your appearance, voice or other personal reality. There are many reasons for feeling angry and they’re not all in our control. […]

give up

“I Give Up” – The Telltale Signs of Needing Help

“I have had it!” “I am NOT doing this anymore.” “NO!” “I’m done. I’m done. I said ‘I’m done’ and I meant it!” “Why should I live? I have nothing to live for. I want to die. I’m tired of life.” “I don’t have goals. I don’t have dreams.” “I can’t live with this pain!” […]

woman crying

Why You Might Be Crying for No Reason

There’s a lot of truth in Katy B’s Crying for No Reason song. Normal people sometimes bury their concerns in the backs of their minds, where ideas percolate until they turn into tears rolling down your face. Hormonal shifts can cause the problem, too. Fatigue can cause unexpected tears, as can depression or enduing anxiety. […]

verbal abuse

Recognize Verbal Abuse. Don’t Let Manipulation Overtake You

You know how stupid you are? You’re so (expletive of choice) stupid that you can’t even answer the question. Airhead.  Oh, you’re going to cry again? Just do what I want, OK, and I won’t say another word? Do NOT tell me what you think. I don’t give a *&^# about your feelings. You’re upset […]

RAD child

Evaluating, Understanding & Treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder

A heart-breaking problem for the affected child as well as anyone trying to help them, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) prevents any level of trust or interest in other people. Children with RAD don’t bond with anyone because they never had the opportunity to do so or were severely rejected after making such efforts. Neglect and […]

first date

First Date? Things to Talk About in Order to Avoid an Awkward Silence

“What do you like most about the city where you live?” “What’s your favorite activity?” “Do you have heroes or heroines? How do they motivate you?” “What’s your passion?” “What do you like to learn about a person in order to understand them better?” Not a bad set of conversation-starters when you’re sitting down with […]