How to Calm Down When Life is Too Much

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Stress is a part of life, but there are not much you can do to take it out. Every day you will have to deal with failures, responsibilities, and emotions that you simply don’t have enough time to handle. You have to remember that life is messy, and it’s never going to calm down. However, you have to calm down if you don’t get it all to take the better of you.

While you’re in the middle of your stressful tasks, nothing else seems possible. You can’t ever imagine taking a moment to calm down because you keep thinking all the things you have to do. The clock keeps ticking, reminding you that you have little time to finish it all. In those instances, you might forget to think about yourself. You’ll only focus on all the tasks that have to be done while putting everything else in the back of your mind.

It may seem irresponsible and impossible to take a moment to calm down, but it may help you in more ways than you think. When you’re stressed and anxious, you can’t think clearly. You’ll feel overwhelmed which will increase until you have physical symptoms. The little stress that you’re experiencing today may eventually lead to a heart attack if you’re not careful. If stress stays too long in the body, it will cause high blood pressure, increase the risks of heart diseases, and cause digestive problems.

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Calming down in the middle of a crisis is more necessary than you think. It’s also important to know the proper way to de-stress and calm down. Here are a couple of ideas to get you starting in taking care of both your mental and physical health.

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Deep breathing exercises

In a stressful moment, your breathing quickens and lessens. There’s less oxygen traveling in your body which will cause everything to work less efficiently. To regain some balance, practice breathing exercises. Take long and deep breaths from your belly. It only takes about 4-5 deep breaths to feel a little calmer. There will be more oxygen flowing through your body, so everything will start to run more efficiently including your brain.


You should never forget that you’re only human, so there’s so much that you can do. When you’re taking responsibilities, pay attention not to overwhelm yourself. Don’t make too many promises at once. You won’t be able to keep all of them which will make your life more stressful. Instead, prioritize your tasks. Know what’s more important and what can be done later. This way you have fewer things to focus on.

Walk away

Just like you can’t do everything, you can’t win everything that you do. Not everyone will like you. When you’re fighting for something or someone, you have to ask yourself whether the result is worth it. Some victories bring more miseries, and some battles simply cannot be won. So, you have to look at every fight you’re in and wonder whether walking away wouldn’t be better. Some people will bring more stress into your life. Accept that it’s not meant to be and move on. Don’t be afraid to start over since it will help to remove some stress in your life.

Do some progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a type of exercise that will ease the tension from your muscles, leaving you feeling fresh and less stressed. You don’t necessarily need a professional to do some PMR for you. There are many videos online that will teach you and anyone else how to do it. Then, you can have a friend, family, or partner do it for you. If done properly, it can release all the stress in your body in a couple of seconds.

Look at the positives

When you’re stressed about something, you tend to focus on the situation. You overthink it, and eventually, you will only see the bad sides of it. As your body is getting more stressed, it will forget that there’s a positive side. Instead, it will show you all the negative scenarios and bring up depressing feelings. All the negativity will only add to the stress. To keep yourself from being too overwhelmed and stressed, try to look at the positives. All situations have a positive side even if you can’t see it at the moment. Focus yourself and try to find one thing positive in the situation.

Life will most likely never give you a break, but you can take it. Learn how to manage your stress properly to avoid being too overwhelmed. If you practice all the activities listed, you will find yourself calming down quickly in any stressful situation.

Theresa Smith is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in different areas including clinical work, and more recently a writer. She has a passion for happy relationships and feels that it’s an attainable goal for everyone. Theresa has several professional credentials centered around mental health, psychology, dating, relationships, and addiction treatment. She has written thousands of articles and many e-books on many facets of dating and relationships.