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How NOT to Go Crazy at College

When you read headlines such as these, STUDY: 1 In 4 College Students Diagnosed with Mental Health Condition…  you might end up wondering “What do those mental health conditions include?” and “How can they be minimized or ended? Decades ago, a college student’s sense of stress was rather limited to racial problems (e.g., being a racial […]

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Tips On How to Calm Down When Everything is Overwhelming

Life is certainly not easy in the world that we live in today.  In addition to worrying about internal matters, such as finances, marriage, children, or employment concerns, we also worry about external matters, such as global warming, terrorism, disease, and politics.  Stressful circumstances, tense environments, and strained relationships have a tendency to become overwhelming […]

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Aspiring to Reach New Heights: How to Take Control & Overcome Your Fear

Fear is a normal and healthy emotion. It gets a bad rap because of how overwhelming and even debilitating it can become. When it serves its purpose, fear keeps us from harmful situations, helps us react quickly when they do arise, and even helps us survive. Fear can prove a phenomenal motivator, whipping us towards […]

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Stop the Stress Before it Stops You!

The two major keys to getting along with family, friends and anyone else are self-control and self-confidence. These intentionally developed character traits let a person respond to stress, not to merely react to it. That’s the difference between a superior character and someone who leaves a lot of unhappy people all around them. Now that […]

Turning Triggers into Obligatory Treadmills versus Stepping off at Will

Turning Triggers into Obligatory Treadmills versus Stepping off at Will

Some colleges are offering “safe spaces” and “sanctuaries” where students can 1) Cry about the things they don’t like, and 2) Be sheltered from instructors or fellow students whose ideas they dislike. Those ideas, and the words used to describe them, are called “Triggers.” They allegedly set off a negative emotional reaction in snowflakes, a […]

Anxiety and Stress

Aren’t Stress and Anxiety the Same Thing?

It’s exasperating to read a teasing question in the title to an article, and then have to plod all the way to the end of it for an answer. Let’s prevent the nuisance: The answer is “No. Stress and anxiety are not the same thing. They have subtle but important differences.” Defining Stress Stress is […]

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Stress: Top Tips to Tackle Every Day Stress

Every day stress is extremely common. It is easy to encounter many people in your day, irrelevant of where you meet them, and hear them tell you that they feel ‘stressed’. What is the cause of this stress? Well for each person it may be a different cause. It could be an unplanned visit from […]

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Stress: The Vital Question to Ask Yourself

Stress is an annoyance and sometimes even a handicap to reaching quality of life, but what can we do about it? There is one vital question to ask yourself in any situation that is stressful. That question is, “Can I do anything about this?” If you answer yes to that question, then that is fantastic. […]

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Work Related Stress

Do you find yourself losing concentration in work meetings? Are you more tired than usual? Do you find it difficult to create time for yourself to take breaks? You may be suffering from work related stress. In today’s world employees have more demands on them than ever before, but that can leave you feeling depleted […]

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Proven Strategies for Controlling Anger

Happy people don’t dwell on anger, and that’s the main issue when it comes to strategies for controlling anger. But some people are born with a tendency to be angry, other people develop a persistent anger. Anger, and dwelling on it, seems so normal justified in specific situations to such people. It’s a mystery to […]