missing ex
Why Do I Miss My Ex?

Relationships should come with a rule book, or at least with a comprehensive “how to” guide. It would be quite helpful to refer back to an all-knowing relationship manual when

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soul mates
How Many Soul Mates Can We Have?

The term “soul mate” can conjure up lots of thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  The intellectuals and philosophers attempt to understand and explain the concept, while the romantics and dreamers desperately

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What is Engaged Listening?

In the modern age of many distractions, active and engaged listening is a skill most people could afford to improve. Paying close attention to what others are saying and truly

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relationship red flag
Relationship Red Flags

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is an important part of adult development; a large majority of humans spend their early adult lives searching for a compatible partner to have children

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emotional infidelity
What is Emotional Infidelity?

Relationships come in all different sizes and with different relational dynamics in each one; a relationship is established by developing some conscious (AND unconscious) boundaries and limits while developing an

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What is Emotional Blackmail?

Emotional blackmail is a relationship dynamic that involves a person instilling fear, obligation, and guilt into a relationship with another person, as author and psychotherapist Susan Forward had described. She

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verbal abuse
How to Recognize Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse often goes unnoticed and unrecognized. It is more subtle than physical abuse yet can cause similar emotional damage.  Verbal abuse can occur in any relationship:  home, spousal, friendships,

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