verbal abuse

Recognize Verbal Abuse. Don’t Let Manipulation Overtake You

You know how stupid you are? You’re so (expletive of choice) stupid that you can’t even answer the question. Airhead.  Oh, you’re going to cry again? Just do what I want, OK, and I won’t say another word? Do NOT tell me what you think. I don’t give a *&^# about your feelings. You’re upset […]

first date

First Date? Things to Talk About in Order to Avoid an Awkward Silence

“What do you like most about the city where you live?” “What’s your favorite activity?” “Do you have heroes or heroines? How do they motivate you?” “What’s your passion?” “What do you like to learn about a person in order to understand them better?” Not a bad set of conversation-starters when you’re sitting down with […]

emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse Can Drive You Crazy; Here’s How to Stop It

Verbal abusers berate people in order to weaken or to destroy them emotionally. Sometimes they succeed, even causing nervous breakdowns. Manipulators of any kind can, indeed, make people crazy. Emotional abuse is as violent as any weapon. It damages psychological structure which can lead to impaired physical health, resulting in more suffering. Stopping emotional abuse […]

asking questions

Questions You NEED to Ask to Get to Know Someone

Where is the most exotic/ far from home place you have ever visited? What is the most fun you ever had with your mom/dad? Did you and your siblings have secret signals? How do feel about long lines at movies, banks, the motor vehicles licensing office and places like that? They’re questions that might provoke […]


Relationships for Life, a How-to

Some of us feel more comfortable with people who share our backgrounds and beliefs, even our personality traits. Many friends grow up in similar circumstances, and that helps them to understand and to appreciate each other. That reality expresses itself in marriage, too. Different studies show that between 14 and 40 per cent of people […]

Role playing

A Mental Health Minute

Here’s a can-do solution for those times when life seems to suck all the mental health out of you: Spend a minute reflecting on how you’d be proud to handle a problem soon after waking up each morning, then rehearse your behavior in front of a mirror or with someone you trust. The biggest problem […]


Conflict: The Alternative Way to Communicate

Emmy van Deurzen and Claire Arnold Baker (2005) state, “There are human relationships of all different sorts. Relationships can be public or private, friendly or adversarial, supportive or undermining, cooperative or competitive. They can be freely chosen or they can be forced upon us by necessity or circumstances.” Have you ever noticed your way of […]


Forgiveness For Yourself and Others

I have heard from many clients that it is a huge task to forgive oneself and to forgive others when mistakes have been made. Many couples’s relationships can break down and often the top reason is due to a lack of trust in the relationship. We all make mistakes, as Alexander Pope said “To err […]

couples therapy

The Misunderstandings of Couples Therapy

You’re wondering if it would be a jailable crime, or maybe you’re hoping that it’s even possible, to kill your spouse with some huge verbal insult. Revenge might seem appealing. You do not want to continue living with the person. There is just no way that you’re willing to sit in a marriage counselor’s office […]

Improve Relationship

Want to Improve Your Relationship? It’s Easy if You Do it Smart

When relatives, friends, colleagues and dating couples experience declining quality in their relationships, they sometimes focus on a sense of boredom, failure, or depression, even anger. Exasperated remarks such as “He/she just doesn’t ‘get’ me” and vice versa express a lack of insight and/or frustration in one or both directions of the relationship. Tension builds […]