Traits of a High-Functioning Sociopath

A sociopath refers to a person with anti-social personality disorder.  When one hears the term sociopath, visions of serial killers, assassins, and criminals immediately come to mind.  This frame of reference can be linked to media portrayal and pop culture, as movies and televisions have long portrayed sociopaths as killers, thugs, and criminals.  Although some […]

dating ptsd

Dating Someone Who Struggles With PTSD

Dating is hard. It’s hard enough to find someone that you can connect with, have similar interests, ideals, and values with, and someone you’re attracted to! Adding medical and mental health conditions into the algorithm of dating can be difficult and is a process that people must navigate when considering a long-term relationship (LTR). Dating […]


What are the Causes and Symptoms of Infantilization?

People always say that babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and that is true! While people have been raising kids for hundreds of thousands of years, new parents who do not have much experience with being around children will usually develop parenting styles from one of the following: they will try to follow exactly […]


How to Deal with Challenges in an Age-Gap Relationship?

While most people tend to be with people similar to their age, there are people who find themselves attracted to someone significantly older or younger than them. There is somewhat of a stigma around an age-gap relationship. If someone who is 35 is in a relationship with someone who is 25, you might hear questions […]


Social Isolation and Seeking Help

Human beings have an innate need to connect with others.  Psychological research has consistently demonstrated that there is a significant linkage between a person’s connection to others and to physical, psychological, and emotional health.  Emotional support and friendship act as important buffers to stress and have a direct impact on self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.  […]

platonic relationships

Do Platonic Relationships Actually Exist?

There are likely many skeptics when it comes to the idea of platonic relationships being possible. In the popular TV show Friends, the group discusses flirting. The women believe they can flirt with a man and it can be harmless. All of the men disagree. They say when a girl flirts with a guy they […]


How to Stop Enabling Grown Children and Why It Is Important

Undoubtedly, at one point or another, we have all come across a parent that treats their adult child like a teenager.  We watch incredulously as the adult child lives at home rent-free, while the parent is working two jobs to keep the family afloat.  We witness the parent making their child’s doctor’s appointments, cooking dinner, […]


Family: They’ve Got You, Babe

Throughout time, family connection has been a huge part of the human condition; sustaining close, personal relationships with those you have genetic ties with has helped people understand themselves and the way that they think, interact, and behave (for better or worse) based on the history of their lineage.  Often family has also been a […]

peter pan syndrome

How to Treat Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan is a cultural figure about a boy who never grows up. He represents the fantasy that most people have at some point about not having to mature and deal with adult responsibilities. There is an American adaptation of the Peter Pan story starring Robin Williams called Hook. It focuses on the idea that […]

best friends

Best Friendship Quotes

Feel yourself smile as you read the quotes below, culled from age-old troves of friendship quotation treasuries and last-minute memes. Some of these remarks will cheer you up. Others will make you think more deeply about the meaning of best friendship. “Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you won’t […]