narcisstic mother

Do Narcissistic Mothers Raise Narcissistic Sons?

Narcissism involves having excessive admiration and grandiose opinions of oneself. Clinically speaking, narcissists are selfish, entitled, and obsessed with being well-regarded. They can be extremely difficult to work with or have a relationship with due to their inability to empathize with others and admit when they make mistakes. Their over-inflated sense of self makes it […]

emotional infidelity

What is Emotional Infidelity?

Relationships come in all different sizes and with different relational dynamics in each one; a relationship is established by developing some conscious (AND unconscious) boundaries and limits while developing an intimate connection with another person. All relationships require work and dedication toward maintaining the intimacy of the relationship while also respecting the boundaries that have […]

fear of relationships

Fear of Relationships

Let’s face it–we have all been burned in a relationship at one time or another.  As naïve, love struck teenagers, we had to heal from the loss of our first love when they broke up with us.  We had to learn how to handle it when our significant other chose to date our best friend […]

control freak

Are You Dealing with a Control Freak?

We use the term control freak pretty loosely. Most of us can be “controlling” about certain things, but overall a control freak. Many of us have likely encountered controlling people in our lives. It might be the college roommate who gets angry when you load the dishwasher “incorrectly” or the boss who always seems to […]


Why Is Ghosting So Painful?

A popular radio segment called “Blown Off” airs every morning on 95.5 PLJ.  The purpose of this segment is to help a listener make contact with a person they recently dated and have not heard back from.  Every morning, in case listeners have never heard the segment before, the boisterous announcers explain the purpose of […]


What is Emotional Blackmail?

Emotional blackmail is a relationship dynamic that involves a person instilling fear, obligation, and guilt into a relationship with another person, as author and psychotherapist Susan Forward had described. She explains that people in intimate relationships will use the above-mentioned manipulation tactics as a form of punishment for their partners not doing what they want […]


The Differences between Polyamory & Polygamy

There are many different types of relationships. Most people are familiar with monogamy which is the practice of being married to or with one person at a time. Beyond monogamy, there are different types of relationships that people sometimes misidentify. Two other types of relationships that can be confused for the other are polyamory and […]

open relationship

7 Reasons Open Relationships Don’t Work

An open relationship is a type of relationship status where a couple agrees to be physically and sexually intimate with other people.  The relationship can be a dating relationship or a marriage.  Thus, a male or female can potentially have several other sexual partners in addition to the main relationship.  Open relationships spark the old […]


Is “Cuffing Season” Really a Thing?

“Cuffing season” is the time of year where people are more interested in coupling up with someone else. The time of year is specifically during the winter months which typically fall around October through March. Dating is such an important of life for many people, but why are people more interested in coupling up during […]

toxic friendship

What Is a Toxic Friendship?

Toxic is a word that can be overused when people talk about friendships. When referring to friendships, toxic is a word to describe a relationship that poisons you in some capacity. It can poison the way you think, the way you feel about yourself, the way you feel about others, and the way you behave. […]