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If I Hate My Life, What Does It Say about My Relationships?

No one’s life is perfect. However, some people appear to “have it all figured out.” They seem successful and happy. In reality, everyone struggles and no one’s life is perfect. That being said, while no one and no lives are perfect, each individual experiences moments (and hopefully plenty) of love, happiness, joy, and rejuvenation. You […]


Dealing with Difficult People

What’s the difference between those astonishingly polite people who respond politely despite someone’s rudeness, stubbornness, refusal to get a life, or even their refusal to learn from the information all around them, and the rest of us? Attitude, and that implies a keen insight into how to deal with difficult people plus a few helpful […]

upset kid

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Among the most painful consequences of divorce or marital discord, parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is the victimization of children by a manipulative parent. They, and their cohorts in the crime of convincing a child to hate the victimized parent, overwhelm the youngster with condescending remarks about the other parent and sometimes with punitive consequences for […]

dysfunctional family

Defining a Dysfunctional Family

Throughout the years, numerous television shows have attempted to accurately portray the antics and nuances of dysfunctional families.  “All in the Family”, “Married with Children”, and “The Simpsons” are three examples of long-running sitcoms that depicted malfunctioning marriages, faulty parenting, and dysfunctional families.  These shows became wildly popular, as audiences could easily relate to the […]

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Does Social Media Destroy Relationships?

We can all agree that relationship dynamics have changed over the years. Relationships today seem to be more casual as there is less of an emphasis put on finding a lifelong partner. Some people believe the deterioration of relationships today can be largely attributed to the wide use of social media. Sure, social media is […]

unrequited love

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: How to Get Over Unrequited Love

Whether it began during our teen years when we pined over a boy band poster or noticed the cute girl in science, most of us have developed a crush that left us daydreaming of our future. Sadly, it remained just a crush because nothing ever came of it. Justin Timberlake never called. The term “crush” […]

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How Well Do You Know Me? See How Well You Know Your Partner

This article began with a question at my status update on Facebook: “Care to play a potentially helpful game with me? “I’m preparing an article entitled “How Well Do You Know Me?  See How Well You Know Your Partner.”  Rather than rely on the same old Q’s and A’s typical of such articles, I’m looking for […]

verbal abuse

Recognize Verbal Abuse. Don’t Let Manipulation Overtake You

You know how stupid you are? You’re so (expletive of choice) stupid that you can’t even answer the question. Airhead.  Oh, you’re going to cry again? Just do what I want, OK, and I won’t say another word? Do NOT tell me what you think. I don’t give a *&^# about your feelings. You’re upset […]

first date

First Date? Things to Talk About in Order to Avoid an Awkward Silence

“What do you like most about the city where you live?” “What’s your favorite activity?” “Do you have heroes or heroines? How do they motivate you?” “What’s your passion?” “What do you like to learn about a person in order to understand them better?” Not a bad set of conversation-starters when you’re sitting down with […]

emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse Can Drive You Crazy; Here’s How to Stop It

Verbal abusers berate people in order to weaken or to destroy them emotionally. Sometimes they succeed, even causing nervous breakdowns. Manipulators of any kind can, indeed, make people crazy. Emotional abuse is as violent as any weapon. It damages psychological structure which can lead to impaired physical health, resulting in more suffering. Stopping emotional abuse […]