Sonora Foster
Sonora Foster
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Sonora Foster

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About Me

Working with people to find solutions is what led me to become a therapist. Working together and seeing transformation keeps me passionate about what I do. I believe that answers lie within us, but too often we can not hear the quiet voice of our soul because of the chatter of the mind. I utilize the therapeutic relationship to help my clients tune into their inner voice, their soul. Learning to hear our voice and trust it allows us to find our true purpose. In my work with clients, my role is to empower and to assist in finding the answers that lie within. The journey to find the solutions is an inward one and I help facilitate that. When we quiet the noise that surrounds us and listen to the quiet voice of our soul we can hear our truth and the answers that lie within.

I believe that to find peace the body and mind and the spirit must all be aligned. I practice this in my own life through a dedicated yoga practice and in living an active and healthy lifestyle. I encourage my clients to balance the body and the mind and the spirit in our work together.

Treatment modalities that I use include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodrama, souldrama, solution-based therapy, and spirituality. My practice is truly a blend of all of this along with my passion for good health and fitness.

My career began as an undergraduate at Montclair University and continued through my education at The University of Pennsylvania, graduating with my Masters of Social Work. I have practiced as a clinical social worker since receiving my degree, taking a break to raise my children. I am a mother of five sons who have undoubtedly made me a better clinician.

Therapy is a journey that takes courage and support. Here is a safe place to start that. journey.

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