Sarah Soto

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About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and a certified EMDR trained clinician. I'm an emotional guardian and a professional secret keeper. As a therapist, I have worked with individuals, adolescents, and couples. I am an advocate for the LGBTQIA community and I'm a multi-culturally sensitive therapist.

My specialties and professional interests include, helping people through life changes, trauma, abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD management, relationship issues, and the everyday things we deal with as humans. I am a proponent of the mind-body connection and believe that growth and healing occur with help from a combination of cognitive and emotional processing, and physical awareness and observation.

I believe in practicing efficacy-based, cutting-edge therapeutic techniques. I strive to be on top of my therapeutic game, and I love to continue to research and learn to provide the best services I can for all of my clients. I am interested in and passionate about helping you connect all of who and what you are, and in helping you fit that into all the different parts of your life.

Change is reaching goals and your own idea of your potential; change is experiencing relief, gaining insight, and the little moments that make that happen. In order for change to manifest within therapy, it first takes a strong counselor and client relationship. I am a professional you can trust to hold your secrets and guide you in the healing and development of your best self. I am flexible and creative in deciding and utilizing cutting edge, evidence-based treatment plans.

I believe in the artistry of therapy and am grateful for the honor and responsibility of sharing moments of people’s lives and stories. I think humor is one of a therapist’s best tools. I believe in immediacy and presence in sessions. I believe in the power of understanding where you come from and what your patterns are, and also in practicing and creating the life you want for yourself. I also believe that therapists and clients are constantly changing and pulsing with life and possibility, and that the therapeutic experience should reflect that creative fluidity.

My Location

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