Riley Koren

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About Me

As a counselor, I conceptualize people’s struggles in the context of their early relationships and I view individuals within the larger context of their various cultural groups and identities. My counseling work centers around two overarching goals: first, to develop awareness of how unresolved past experiences are controlling present reality, and then to bring acceptance and resolution to these experiences in order to expand current possibilities.

Counseling is a unique process of discovery which is based on each person’s specific needs and is therefore different with each person. The way I work with you will grow out of the relationship we build and the safe space we create together.

In sessions, I often use various mindfulness practices as well as concepts and skills from DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to support the therapy process. I am also trained as a massage therapist and I tend to view trauma through a body-focused lens as I work to increase self-awareness. Ultimately, I believe that my role as a counselor is to safely guide people back to their innate ability to interact fully with the present moment so they can rediscover the wholeness which is already within them. We all have the capacity to find healing within ourselves, if we are honest and if we are willing to look.

My Location

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