Mitchell Milch
Mitchell Milch
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Mitchell Milch

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About Me

I'd hazard to say that all psychotherapists are wounded healers. If their narratives were not written around trauma as the foundational theme, most would have chosen other fields of professional endeavor. Not everyone in the field however has successfully learned to manage their own mood, anxiety, self-esteem issues etc., to help others master theirs. In other words for patients coming to treatment and looking for an ally to foster their hope and faith in less painful and more fulfilling tomorrows, it is important that they have an advocate who can lead by example.

As a former long term patient in psychoanalysis who then spent more time in treatment to train to be a psychoanalyst I have learned to do better than survive explorations into my own developmental traumas. I have learned to thrive and I wrote a memoir about my experiences reclaiming my my life and taking charge of it. I know what it takes for you to become the parent to yourself you always longed for so you can then take charge of your life to make it a creative labor of love. If we are a good fit you will know what I say is true without needing all the details of my own life. The focus needs to be solely on me using my resources to inspire and empower you to release yourself from whatever emotional prisons you are stuck in.

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