Krista Day-Gloe
Krista Day-Gloe
Krista Day-Gloe

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About Me

I want to help you learn how to create new pathways to your more authentic and joyful self, by learning how to carve space in your life to learn and implement more desirable habits. I am dedicated to helping you find more success, passion and health in your life, instead of finding yourself back on the same old pathway, time and time again. I believe STRONGLY in the Mind-Body Connection! What happens in one area of your body affects the other. If your body is in distress or if you are suffering from mental health struggles, they will affect one another. What happens in one area of your body affects other areas as well.

I am dedicated to helping stressed out people discover that there are many different root causes for the issues that leave you struggling and unsatisfied. I will help you discover new ways to heal those root causes of stress and to find more freedom in your life. I will help you learn how to read the road signs of your body’s superhighway of interconnection.

You can’t be the best version of yourself and achieve your biggest goals in life without doing the deep healing and preparation needed. I believe healing comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes that healing and preparation requires a bigger tool box! I will help you identify what tools you need in your tool box, and how to actually use them!

My Location

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