Kate Kalejs
Kate Kalejs
Kate Kalejs

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About Me

Navigation through life, love, relationships and it's ebbs and flows can be challenging. The issues of life and love are complex and can make us experience symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety to name a few. I help guide couples and individuals through these issues in a holistic, systemic, person-centered way. I can help lead you to answer the questions you have, let go of self doubt and fear to begin to live life authentically. if you are facing issues of existential crisis, I provide the space to explore and process. I also help clients learn to rebuild their lives after divorce or breakup. I can help navigate relationships and life and I have the ability to recognize patterns that keep you feeling "stuck" and offer solutions to move through them.

My Location

static image of 20088 Center Ridge Rd, Suite 103, Rocky River, Ohio
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