Julie Hovrud

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About Me

Addressing challenges in our personal life is not easy. While a common reaction to difficulties and challenges is to attempt to avoid them, it seldom solves the problem. Friends can help with some struggles in life, while other challenges need unbiased, emotional support from a professional. Compassion and practical feedback help clients effectively address these challenges, and Julie's therapy style has an eclectic approach to personalize and tailor the therapy to each individual's needs. As Julie works with individuals and couples, she helps them recognize and build on their strengths to attain growth and to enrich their lives.

My passion is in working with individuals and couples in need of resolving relational issues, whether it be in a coupleship, looking to become involved in a coupleship, relational issues with family members, relationships at work, or social relationships. Another passion is to help clients move through transitional periods in their life.

Julie's style has not only been informed through academics, it has also been through life experiences. She is able to relate to being on the other side of the room and has been working in the mental health field for more than 20 years. Julie would warmly welcome a call from you! Feel free to call her at (919) 810-0858.

My Location

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