Joy R. Berkheimer

Specialties: Couples Counseling, Indivudual Counseling, Strength Based Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Women’s Confidence Coaching
Credentials: LMFT, NCC, CCMHC
Languages: English
Experience: 5 years
Telephone: 786-423-2648
Address: 7000 W Palmetto Rd, Suite 210, Boca Raton, FL 33433

As someone who practices marriage and family therapy, I naturally focus on relationships. I believe that we are all a reflection of our relationships and that we tend to envision who we are based on the part we play in these partnerships and what our loved one believes about us. We make life plans with all this in mind. It is because of the impact our connections have on us, that I understand the need to help those dealing with transitions around your relationships, whether they be romantic, career or with yourself. These changes can be you realizing the position you imagined you were in is transforming, slipping away or even ending, and you now need help to figure out who you are and what you will do following this new shift in your journey.

Within each new turn in life, there is an opportunity for self discovery, exploring questions about your actual needs and gaining strength to move forward in a healthy way. This journey does not have to be taken alone and my goal is to support and move beside you until you are again able to ride the waves, more empowered than when you began.