John Duffey

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About Me

PTSD doesn't develop only in those people who have experienced combat. You need a counselor who is aware of the many facets and forms of trauma and how they shape the person you are and how you experience the symptoms of PTSD. Veterans often have difficulty in working with therapists because many therapists have never experienced the military culture and the chaotic world of warfare. Having a therapist who is also a combat veteran enhances client trust, progress, and the working alliance. Having a counselor who is also aware of the trauma of Domestic Violence enhances your progress. I am very sensitive to the needs of PTSD people.

I am a therapist who specializes in the treatment of PTSD experiences. I understand what you're saying and how you are saying it and further identify with your experiences. Having worked also as a family violence investigator and social worker I am very familiar with the impact of family violence and verbal abuse on people.

If you have had difficulty in connecting with a therapist in the past in dealing with your PTSD or Panic Attacks don't give-up. I understand the world you're coming from and with that we can work, shoulder to shoulder, on helping you cope and move beyond to a better life.

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