Jodi Klugman- Rabb

Specialties: Adult ADHD, Trauma/EMDR, Anger, Identity, Parental Identity Discovery or Non-Paternal Event (NPE), family therapy
Credentials: M.S., LMFT, LPC
Languages: English
Experience: 15+ years
Telephone: 415-652-7644
Address: 1303 Jefferson Street #600A Napa, Ca. 94558 and 240 Tamal Vista Blvd #290 Corte Madera, CA. 94925

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Marin and Napa Counties and throughout California via secure teletherapy. I provide coaching sessions remotely using telephone or Skype for people outside California.  I focus on making strong connections with clients and specialize in changing unwanted patterns with adult ADHD, trauma using EMDR and Parental Identity Discovery™; I coined the term, spearheading the clinical approach to the traditional moniker, Non-Paternal Event (NPE) – a shocking DNA result that reveals unknown/misled/hidden biological parentage.

My passion for the Parental Identity Discovery™/NPE population is personal from my own DNA discovery in 2016 using a 23andMe test and led me to create the Sex, Lies & The Truth podcast, an interview style show dedicated to the stories of people discovering DNA revelations or adoptees searching for biological family and coming to terms with the identity confusion and family dynamics that define the experience.  I also publish the blog Finding Family on Psychology Today where I write in depth about being in reunion with new family, the impact on existing family and the personal cost associated with disclosing your DNA revelation.

I am the mom to two ADHD teens and the wife to an ADHD husband so I walk my talk and understand firsthand the struggle and triumphs that go into an ADHD lifestyle.

I am recognized for my empathic and direct style in connecting with clients and am skilled at dealing with difficult issues in trauma and family dynamics.  Trained by founder Francine Shapiro, I specialize in EMDR and incorporate it into my face-to-face work with ADHD and Parental Identity Discovery™.   It is an efficient and reliable intervention to address grief, feelings of belonging, rejection, worth and self-esteem

I received a Masters Degree in 2001 from Dominican University in San Rafael and obtained licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2004 when I opened my practice in Marin County. Now raising my two hooligans in the Bay Area I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and being creative through writing, art, podcasting or cooking and don’t get nearly enough time to travel.