Ira Bilofsky

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About Me

I graduated from Temple University in 1988 with a Master's Degree in Social Work. During my College studies I worked in various Psychiatric settings including, the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, North Western Institute of Psychiatry and Eugenia Psychiatric Hospital. I studied the theories of Salvador Minuchin (Structural Family Therapy), Jay Haley (The Strategic Model of Psychotherapy), and Carl Whitaker, MD (who realized the need to treat the family as a whole).

I am a recognized authority on the diagnosis and treatment for childhood hereditary disorders (ADHD, OCD, and Tourette's Syndrome).
I am known for my expertise in helping Adults deal with depression, anxiety, and mental illness related to medical conditions (diabetes & pain management).

I consider all options in the treatment of individuals, families and in my work with couples.

My Location

static image of 100 South Main Street, Suite 1A, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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