Halley Carmack
Halley Carmack
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Halley Carmack

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About Me

Are you worried about your little one? Are they hard to parent or anxious at separation? Do you feel lost when it comes to getting them to listen to you or how to help when their feelings get really big? Does your child have trouble with their peers or being successful in a classroom setting? Do you avoid taking them out in public or cant get them to sleep? Maybe something has happened like the death of a family member or witnessing something scary and you want to make sure that they’re ok and wont be negatively affected in the long-term. In my practice, I use research-based interventions and the latest science to help parents who are worried about their young children feel more confident about their parenting, more in control of their child’s behavior, and more equipped to help their children heal from trauma or scary events and experiences.

My practice is deeply rooted in research and science. It is very important to me to use evidence-based treatments so that I can confidently say to my clients, “If we do this I know we will see progress.” I also believe that there should be laughter and joy in treatment, especially with children, so play, stickers, toys, books, crafts, and high fives are always included.

I subscribe to the thought that it truly takes a village to raise a child and, from my place as a helper in your village, I acknowledge the honor that it is to be a part of the life of your little one. Get in touch today so we can start working together toward the relationship and family life you most want with your child.

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